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Pitch Information

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Pitch Information

A hard surface trackway leads from the entrance to all the hardstanding pitches – so there’s no danger of getting bogged down! All pitches have an EHU point within 20 metres. The 10amp supply will power your fridge, hot water, travel kettle and 1 or 2 kw medium heating – as long as you do not switch them all on together!

In colder weather please use your LPG supply for extra warmth and to avoid tripping the supply. Each pitch has an independent trip switch at the EHU point - which can be re-set so unlikely to trouble your neighbours.

The water point is just a couple of minutes’ walk away and is designed for a standard 40Ltr roller container to stand under the tap without need for a hose. The tap has a removable frost jacket during winter periods.

All pitches are enormous!  Widely spaced with a 4 metre grass strip either side of the hardstanding, it is your choice to decide which way or where you park - or want to locate awnings or pup tents. A small hedge delineates the boundary between pitches.

On arrival we will greet you ask you to temporarily stop in the parking area – and then walk down the site to advise your pitch location and explain use of site facilities.

Our rubbish collection is limited so please keep waste to a minimum and compact it as much as possible. We are keen to encourage recycling with a separate bin – but again please compact material as much as practical – only recyclable plastics please – other types in the general bin. There is a separate container for glass – please remove all screw tops and place in the recycling bin.

We are keen that wildlife or fellow guests are not disturbed - so please no music, radio – sport or cricket - or TV which might be heard outside your ‘van.

At night please restrict light pollution for wildlife and star gazers! It is most important that you DO NOT leave your outside lights on unless you are actively using them – use the torch! Please close your blinds and curtains so adjacent pitches can photograph or enjoy viewing the heavens.

Fibre optic Wi-fi has been promised by BT for several years – but seeing is believing. At the moment the bandwidth is not sufficient for us to offer Wi-Fi unfortunately. However you should get 3 /4 g – hopefully sufficient for basic needs.

The local buses have effectively been withdrawn apart from a 50 minute stop in Winchester on Monday mornings. But there is an efficient train service which runs from Micheldever Station ( 6 minutes drive) to Winchester every hour. Winchester Station (first stop) is an easy 10 minute walk into the centre of the city.

There are two Park & Ride schemes in Winchester suitable for Motorhomes.

Alternatively try Barton Stacey Taxis or a Winchester based outfit. A lower cost Uber service might be possible.